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The letter by the 101 Imams and teachers to a local paper in Tower Hamlets that led to the ‘spiritual injury’ suffered by Muslims who were then spiritually catapulted into voting Lutfur Rahman (not that all did…) last May hasn’t actually been published much. There’s a reason why. The content of the letter is not religious, but about social justice, fighting discrimination and other utterly atrocious notions. The worst bit is the inter-faith harmony mention. Sent shivers down my spine.

Here it is. Be warned. You may feel compelled to say the Shahada afterwards.


Creating opportunities, making provisions and providing services to the citizens on behalf of Her Excellency the Queen. In this case everyone has a freedom of right to choose a candidate who is suitable and able to provide the services.

However we are observing that the media propagandas, narrow political interests etc. involving the Mayoral election of Tower Hamlets Council have created a kind of a negative impression which in turn have created confusions amongst the public, divided the community and put the community in question. We are further observing that today’s Tower Hamlets have made significant and enviable improvements in the areas of housing, education, community cohesion, inter-faith harmony, road safety and youth developments. In order to retain this success and make further progress it is essential that someone is elected as Mayor of the Tower Hamlets Borough on 22nd who is able to lead these improvements and who will not discriminate on the basis of language, colour and religious identities.

We observe that some people are targeting the languages, colours and religions and attempting to divide the community by ignoring the cohesion and harmony of the citizens. This is, in fact, hitting the national, cultural and religious ‘multi’ ideas of the country and spreading jealousy and hatred in the community. We consider these acts as abominable and at the same time condemnable.

With utmost concern we observe that by shunning the needs and opportunities of the Tower Hamlets Council and its citizens, Islamophobia, which is the result of the current political stance and which has derived from false imagination, has been made an agenda for voting and voters. The mosques and religious organisations have been targeted. It is being publicised that any relationship [involvement] with the religious scholars and clerics are condemnable and is an offence. Religious beliefs and religious practice are being criticised.

One of the local former councillors of the Labour Party has stated in the BBC’s Panorama programme that ‘Religions divide people’. Even in the same programme the honourable Imam of the Holy Kaba Sharif was presented in negative and defaming ways and thus all the religious people, particularly the Muslims, have been insulted and thrown in to a state of anxiety. We cannot support these ill attempts under any circumstances. We believe that it is not an offence to be a Muslim voter, an imam or Khatibf a mosque and have involvement with all these. Under no circumstances it is acceptable to give a voter less value or to criticise them on the basis of their identity.

As voters, like in any other elections we also have a right to vote in the forthcoming Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election and we should have the opportunity to cast our votes without fear. As a cognisant group of the community and responsible voters and for the sake of truth, justice, dignity and development we express our unlimited support for Mayor Lutfur Rahman and strongly call upon you, the residents of Tower Hamlets, to shun all the propagandas and slanders and unite against the falsehood and injustice.

Well, there you have it. If that’s not religious diatribe, what is. Reads like a page from the Hadith! It’s a wonder they could fit so many Allahu Akbars on the page.

Yes, I was disappointed too. I expected to be on a one-way plane to Mecca by the end of that supposedly election turning spiritual influence. The fact this letter, working largely as warning of islamophobia, was used as an islamophobic sledgehammer by not-actually-a-Judge Mawrey is such an incredible shame. I’ve said more religious exaltations from stubbing my toe.